Recognizing Great Career Opportunities For Income and Wealth Building

To some extent, great career opportunities made not chosen. However, some businesses and some skills are always in greater demand making their “greatness” easier simpler to access. Focusing on this latter group how can you identify a great career opportunity? career opportunities

My short list of “Great Career Opportunity Identifiers” are:


  • Business areas that are in long term growth cycles.
  • Skill areas that are in long term growth cycles.
  • Businesses located in growth centers and tied to that growth.
  • Jobs in growth center almost without exception.
  • Businesses with a young but proven leadership team that are achieving growth above their industry.
  • Jobs and professions that cannot be exported like electricians, plumbers, blowie energy industry persons, catering, etc.
  • Jobs that you can by virtue of education make yourself indispensable.
  • Jobs that are necessary but distasteful. A good example is the mortician field.
  • Jobs that because pg79 of training become untransferrable.


On the other hand, items to avoid are:


  • Jobs someone in Mumbai can do.
  • Low end manufacturing and keep in mind that as time passes high end becomes low end.
  • Jobs based on resources that will be exhausted.
  • Jobs based on potentially passing needs like ethanol for example.
  • Low skill jobs.
  • Glamor jobs.
  • Dieing industries.
  • Rising human competition.


With this in mind, you should remember that needs change. When I was in college, the idea that the New London Naval Submarine base could be closed was unthinkable. At the height of the Cold War, this requirement seemed permanent. 20 years later and the base is almost defunct and is likely to close soon. Also, sattamatkachat a decade ago videos were here to stay and Block Buster seemed like the franchise of a lifetime. Now Netflix and online / ondemand video will soon eliminate this business entirely.

That said, some skills and businesses are timeless. Housing will always be needed. Electrical power is not going away soon. Certain computer skills must be performed locally. As individuals, we should pursue education and experience that promotes our viability, moves our services to strong viable businesses, and seeks the best employment centers. Washington, DC is on the uptrend. Detroit is on a downward spiral. Pittsburgh is resurgent and Las Vegas is on the ropes.

For decades the American population was moving westward. Now, population movement is toward the Sunbelt and the Westward move is over.

How we interpret the changing winds of the economy and the populace will determine our ability to identify, find, and close jobs that will take us to new professional heights and personal wealth. The points outline above should arm you more effectively to pursue strong careers. pg79th



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