Affordable Health Insurance And Discounted Medical Programs

Real solutions to America’s growing crisis of care

The gulf between accessing quality health care services and the underserved masses of the country is widening at an alarming rate. The recent economic downturn and financial constraints have significantly worsened the situation, causing more people to avoid seeking proper medical attention. The healthcare industry must shoulder some of the burden for creating an affordable healthcare solution to the rising expenses of primary healthcare.

While there is an abundance of program providers in the market, consumers are challenged to find supplemental medical insurance plans or healthcare assistance programs that are backed by long-standing and trustworthy organizations. Many carry exclusions and severe limitations, denying coverage to those who need it most: individuals with low incomes or non-citizenship status. Imedical Healthcare Solutions

Consumers are advised to:

1. Look carefully and wherever possible 2. Work with a trusted health insurance agent or broker who can help navigate the complexities of choice 3. Follow the guidance of reliable professionals to help determine the best plan for their family and budget while still focusing on quality care.

While the Internet is a good place to begin research, a simple Google search will not be sufficient to identify the best programs, the most robust benefits and most importantly, a good track record. To choose the best suited plan, people must have a clear idea about the type of insurance coverage that best suits their needs.

Here’s where a skilled broker or agent is the best advisor for both individual consumers and small employers looking to provide a budget-friendly program to their part-time, seasonal or otherwise, formerly ineligible employees.

For the under-banked and under-employed, purchasing a traditional insurance program outside of employer sponsorship may simply be financially impossible. To close this gap, many health insurance providers now offer affordable alternatives in the form of limited liability, short-term medical and discounted medical programs.

The aim is to lower out-of-pocket expenses on routine and preventative care and to provide real relief in the event of a catastrophic or emergent event (one that could bankrupt a family without sufficient coverage and assistance). Healthcare assistance programs are the best way to shield the pockets of the un- and under-insured against heavy medical expenses which can occur at any point of time.

When considering purchase of a healthcare assistance program, consider what health services will be most needed and how accessible those services are. Ask yourself these questions:

Do your employees or do you need to be able to access services or get help in anther language? If so, look for programs that include bilingual healthcare support and advocacy.

Do you or your employees have transportation issues? Look for programs that include a telemedicine component which offers a great alternative when getting in to an office is just not possible.

How much can you or your employees afford in terms of monthly payment?

Is a supplemental program needed to reduce the burden of deductibles or will the healthcare assistance program be used as your primary source for medical discounts and payments?

With so many things to consider, a skilled agent can significantly reduce the stress and headache of finding a program right for you or our employees.



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