Recommended Toys for Babies From 0 to 12 Months

Christmas is approaching and the time to buy gifts and toys for your children. A good toy can stimulate and encourage the development of your little one, that is why it is important to know how to choose properly. We help you by giving you a few clues.

Babies 0-6 months

In the first months of the baby, towards the fourth week of life, he is able to fix his eyes for a few moments on faces or objects, about 30 cm away. For this reason, at this age you can start teaching them certain images, books, or hanging rattles adapted to these ages.

At the end of the first trimester, the baby will be able to hold certain objects in their hands and put them in their mouths; That is why at this age it is good to play with the baby with rattles that emit some sound or that are made of plastic or cloth so that he can touch and suck.

During the following trimester, up to 6 months, the baby gains skill in the hands, notably increases his visual capacity, begins to vocalize, it is time to show him his own image in the mirror, he will have a lot of fun.

It is recommended:

  • Toys that stimulate the senses: with different colors, teething toys for babies textures and sounds, such as activity rugs, rattles, cradle mobiles or cloth stories.
  • The toys for very young children have to fulfill a series of characteristics to be fit: soft, without small pieces, with different textures and striking colors… Toys that attract your baby attention and help her development.
  • Toys that help discover your baby’s own body: teethers, rubber dolls.
  • Babies 6-12 months

    Arriving at the end of the 6th month, the baby is able to stay seated between cushions, chatters and can only take the spoon, since his manual dexterity has developed quite a lot.

    In order to continue stimulating these skills of the baby and encouraging them, we can play with them with plastic cubes of different colors,walker,jumper balls or shapes that roll, mirrors and toys for the bathroom.

    Up to 9 months, the baby will learn to turn around, discover the sensation of biting (since at this time his first teeth will come out), the diversity of sounds and music begin to attract attention, he is already able to release an object to take another one for yourself and like to drop the toys. In this stage is when he usually develops a particular affection towards a stuffed animal, a toy or a blanket.

    Children learn by playing at this stage, to play with them, we can use stackable cubes, which can be put inside each other, toys with wheels, textures tales, with different drawings…

    During the last trimester of his first year of life, the baby will begin to crawl forward, and to try to stand up supported somewhere. Open to him, endless possibilities.

    In addition, he already understands simple concepts such as inside and outside, likes to play to put and take things, learn to say goodbye, likes to play ball and is able to return when they play with him, is perfecting the spoken language.



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