The Most Unusual Drinking Gadgets and Novelty Gifts – New Trend of 2014

A lot of people like to give gifts for birthdays, gadgetfound retirements, weddings and more. The type of gift that is given will vary greatly. A lot of people are going to be looking for the best novelty gifts – like the new trends of 2014. Everybody is going to choose something different that will be great for a good friend.

There are many options that they are going to have. They may choose a drinking gadget because it is a very popular thing that is done at parties and many events. It is fun to find something that is very unique and not found anywhere else.

One of those novelty gifts that both men and women may receive is zip earphones. This is something that is very unique. These come in many different colors and will allow them to listen to their favorite music without everyone else hearing it.

Something that is going to be great for a gag gift for a man or a woman is the flashing LED teeth. These are something that will be a hit at a party with all of the pretty colors. They are also something that most people would never expect to receive. betflixx

With cell phones being something that is very popular, a mini retro phone handset may be a possibility. The recipient may be able to use something like this. They may also find it as a joke and get a good laugh out of it.

Novelty gifts are something that is a lot of fun to give and receive. They can also go along with a drinking gadget. There are many of those as well.

Beer bong is a popular game that is played at many parties. It is something that is very popular. A gift of the equipment for beer bong may be something that anyone that loves to party would absolutely love to get. sunteltechnologies

A beer shooter is something that is also unique. Someone who loves machine guns cannot carry one while they have been drinking. However, if the machine could be filled with beer and drank out of a straw, it could be carried while drinking.

If someone is a fitness buff, a drinking gift for them may include mug muscles. This is a beer mug that allows someone to exercise and strengthen the grip on their mug. It is truly something that is unique and will not be soon forgotten.

Whiskey rockers are something that anyone would love. These glasses will rock and the drink does not spill easily. This is something that would be great when entertaining. The glasses will be more entertaining than the drink inside.

Someone who is interested in playing pool all of the time as well as drinking shots will be a great candidate to receive a set of pool shot glasses. These have a pool ball shaped holder. This set of nine shot glasses are truly unique and will not be found at a typical department store. bomberzilla

Spin the bottle is a very popular game for a lot of people at parties. Spin the shot will go along nicely at any drinking party. This drinking gadget is something will be very popular and played often. Every drinking buddy will be happy to play this game with their best friend.

There are many trends that people are looking at in 2014. They may want a novelty gift for one of their friends or could be looking for the best drinking gadget for their next party. Whatever they are looking for, they want to be able to find something unique so that their gift is remembered and their party is something that is not soon forgotten.



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