3 Birthday Party Games for Children!

When the time rolls around every year to throw your child a birthday party you may find that you’ve run out of ideas for activities but these 3 birthday party games for children should help you keep the children happy and entertained.

There are lots of games that work by trying to keep a straight face when in the, well, face of hilarity. These games usually result in a lot of giggling, สล็อตออนไลน์ which may or may not be good for your birthday party. One game is the ‘Faces’ game. Have the children sit in a circle or line and pick one child to start off by being it. They have to go to each person and get one minute per person to make them laugh with funny faces and behavior, this can even include telling jokes. If they fail to get the person to laugh in the specified time they have to move on to the next person. The one who laughs has to be it and try to make someone else laugh.

A cute follow the leader game is the ‘Follow the Animal’ game. The person leading the group acts like an animal of their choice around the yard doing things they think that animal would do while the followers have to imitate. The followers don’t know what animal they are imitating and the first follower to guess correctly and yell out the animal being imitated gets to be the leader and has to pick a new animal to imitate.

Fortune telling games can be spooky and fun at a birthday party. To create a simply fortune game write down the names of all the children attending the party on pieces of index cards and place them into a bag. Then have each of the kids write out part of a fortune with the word, “and” at the end on one index card and the other half of a fortune on a second index card. For example a child’s fortune might read, “You will have a long life and,” on one index card and on the second card the rest of the fortune would be, “live in the land of Cheese.”

The kids can be as serious or silly as they like with these fortunes. Place the cards with the first half of the fortunes in a second bag and the cards with the last half of the fortune in a third bag. Then randomly draw names from the first bag and have those children come forward to pull a fortune card from each of the second and third bags. They then get to put the scrambled fortunes together to learn their futures.



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