How To Improve Customer Trust In Your Online Shop Or Auction Website

Internet fraud is on the rise. As fraud becomes more profitable, dellrepairtampa it also becomes more sophisticated and difficult to detect. As a result, tech savvy web users are looking for trust worthy sites to shop at. But how trustworthy are the current solutions? Are they just superficial but ineffective against the ever technically improving internet-fraudsters?

Typically, a number of means are employed to improve the trustworthiness of a site. These include superficial approaches like designing a site that looks professional, using recognized payment processors like Paypal etc. While these measures do not improve the sites security they may improve customer confidence as a professional looking site must be operated by a professional reputable company. At least that is what some customers will think.

Certificates are used to further increase customer confidence. computerdoctortampa Many online users are becoming familiar with the use of certificates and the small padlock that appears near the address bar to signify that the site is secure. While certificates and SSL can increase the integrity of data flowing to and from the website, they do not guarantee that the site does not have a security hole. They do not guarantee that the company that purchased the certificate is reputable. Certificates give a false sense of security to customers as in themselves, they cannot secure a site.

Does the software platform you use improve security? Not many companies code their own online shop from the ground up. Even fewer do it well enough to be secure. Most companies buy a pre developed package like CubeCart etc. These packages often do not get upgraded to plug the latest security threats. While this approach offers customers a professional interface, it does not improve security.

Site security scanners are another way to improve customer confidence but do they improve site security (typically by displaying a hacker proof logo or something similar). tampacomputerfix In cases where shops use standard packages like CubeCart, these scans can detect versions and potentially spot problems. These scans cannot effectively cover all types of sites and may be ineffective on certain sites. Only one security vulnerability needs to be missed for a site to be insecure. While these scanners cannot detect all security vulnerabilities, they can produce a level of confidence for potential customers.

Website hosting providers. Many web traders place a lot of faith in their online hosting providers. There are however a lot of providers out there that do not secure their systems properly and leave their customers open to certain types of attacks. This is an area that your potential customers may not be able to see. While the hosting agent you choose may not help improve the trust of your customers, trueonefix it may improve your site security.

A further way of improving site security and trust is to have the site/product/service recommended by customers that have used the site previously. This is how eBay gains the trust of potential buyers, by using their feedback system. The only way for this type of system to work for home grown sites is if the feedback system is managed by a trusted 3rd party. This type of feedback system is available free from Pubble Hill and can be integrated into any site using their free API. The API includes features that also allow your site to automatically upload products to the Pubble Hill directory. trueonerepair They also offer the worlds only independent search engine that allows customers to search for products based on the sellers reputation.


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