Getting Good Quality Roller Hockey Gear!

Roller hockey is that form of hockey where the players indulge in the sport on a dry surface using skates with wheels. Just like the other sports in this category, roller hockey also requires a lot of physical exertion and technique to be applied. But, apart from the physical exertion, an important part of roller hockey is the equipment that the players use, to display a fine game.

From simple things like the player’s uniform to the hockey sticks, everything falls under the category of hockey gear. Getting good quality equipment is high on the priority list of any roller hockey fan.

Here is a brief guide about the different categories of the equipment you will need if you are a roller hockey fan.

1. Safeguarding the head

Uniform of the players is just the first of the many things that you will need as a roller hockey player. For starters, like all games hockey too requires the players to protect themselves against the risk of several unfriendly blows. Invest in a strong head gear and make sure it does not affect your visibility. Usually the helmets are snug and comfortable. In fact, hockey store most of them are also easily expandable which ensures greater comfort. Also, you will need a mouth guard to further secure your face during the game. The mouth guards are usually available in one size and have to be dipped in hot water prior to being put in the mouth so that they can assume the shape of the jaw.

2. Body Protectors

Next in line is the upper body protection. You will require a chest protector and a shoulder pad. The ideal package will include a pull on chest protector with a sturdy shoulder pad. Elbow pads and good gloves will also form an important part of your hockey gear when you are planning daily sessions of roller hockey. For the lower body protection, you will require a pelvic protection gear that is different for both males and females. Your local sports store salesman is the best guide to help you choose a comfortable and reliable fit in such cases.

3. Where to buy?

The one stop destination for all this equipment is your neighborhood sports store but sometimes you can also find a good deal on the online shopping portals as well. The best way to get a great price for all the sporting gear is to buy it in bulk for the entire team. However, you can always try your luck bargaining without compromising on the quality.

4. Last but not the least; you will need to invest in a good hockey stick. After all, this hockey stick is going to be the main contributor towards deciding your game. You might need to try several versions before you can narrow down to something that best suits you.



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